mustang sally is currently standing over my left shoulder making me do this and is threatening to belt me something fierce if i try to escape. i fear her. please. anyone. SEND HELP! SAVE ME FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!

ON A SERIOUS NOTE. i’ve been doing this whole djing for almost ten years. i like electro. i like retro. i like ghetto, house and techno.

ok. mustang sally is not amused by my shenanigans and green velvet quotes. on a for totally serious note, i’ve been doing this for almost a decade. i like driving floors full of people into a wild gyrating dancing frenzy (she’s not looking right now, call amnesty international, please!).  my first love is house but lately i’ve been getting into techno (seriously, she hits me, i have scars). i don’t do weddings, dumb-step, or trance. i made this website, so i guess that’s pretty cool. how are you doing?  ok, i think i’ve written enough to keep out of trouble so i’ll sign off. (but really, send help).

things charlie likes:

-building web sites (‘natch)
-a well made manhattan
-volkswagens with VR6s under the hood

things charlie doesn’t like:

-having to haul the freaking 1200s
-when piggy back rides go horribly horribly wrong